Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cancer Ribbon Quilt Block

Cancer Ribbon Quilt Block

I received my latest newsletter from and found this great block designed by Janet Wickell. Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America, though I am sure some of our Australian Patchworkers will love making one of these for someone they know, or even dont know. A gift to cheer a lady who is battleing this problem. Ask a friend - or drop into the hospital :)

The pattern is very detailed so all levels of ability with be able to construct it. Its foundation piecing and there are two sizes of blocks to make. Full instructions on how to do it and what fabric you will require are in the instructions. You can print the pages to make it easier.
Click on the templates link and copy both sizes.

If you are unsure about it, you might like to make a sample log cabin block before you begin to give you an idea

Click on the link below :-

Thanks for your interest :)

Million Pillowcase Challenge

American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. I donated pillowcases to the challenge. Click here to learn more!


Hello All Australian
Patchworkers, Quilters and Sewing Enthusiasts !!

I was reading with interest the All People Quilt website this week, and they have started a great challenge that we can all join in on.  Lets help APQ and American Patchwork & Quilting participate in their goal of donating 1 Million Pillowcases to local charities not only in America but here in Australia for Aussie Charities! 

There are quite an amazing array of pillowcase patterns on the website, so we won't all be making the same thing. From basic to the more adventurous Friendship Star Block Band, you will find one you are happy to sew. Can't wait to see the amazing Pillowcases I know the creative Australian crafters can do!!

I have added the link to the All People Quilt page. Click on the Pillowcase Challenge link on the left of the page and this will take you to the FREE pillowcase patterns. You can upload and share photos of your work on the home page,

If you are not sure how to put it together, click on the learn to make video button :)

I know our local Nursing Homes and Womens Refuges will be more than happy to receive these gifts of love :) There is a list of who you can donate to in America on the site and I will find out which other charities are happy to receive these here in Australia. (If you donate to the American charities - please inform the site of how many you have done so they can add them to their total.

There is so much more to the website.  Grab freebies - patterns, get the newsletter emailed to you, check out the magazine, view products & read about the sponsors.

Thankyou for helping us reach out and help others:)

I donated to the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. Make a pillowcase, made a difference. Join quilters from around the nation today by making a pillowcase and odonating it to charity. Click here to learn more.

American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge - I Happily Donated. Click here to learn more.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Charity Quilts

Hello Again!!!

Today I am going to share some news about a lovely lady and her helpers in making Charity Quilts. Her name is Di Croft and her business is The Quilting Mouse in Bennetts Road, Worrigee - near Nowra.

Just two years ago Di started a do it yourself quilt studio. This is where you can book to learn how to quilt your finished patchwork :) The costs are VERY reasonable and if you dont feel comfortable doing this for yourself, you can leave your patchwork for quilting as well, though I would suggest you make time to learn how to do it yourself. Di also offers lessons in sewing and learning to do patchwork.

The Quilting Mouse has an extensive range of quilt backing materials in an amazing array of colours and prints! The Quilting Mouse uses a high grade quality of quilting cotton - which is always a good thing to use.

To help with the cost of making free Charity Quilts, Di also has a range of 100% cotton quilt fabrics, from Batiks to plains, from psycodelic prints to soft pastels.

Now more about the charity side of the business :-

For many years Di has made quilts for womens and childrens refuges and the not so long ago Victorian Bushfire appeal. Now, today in her modern studio, Di has some lovely helpers, create lap rugs and more.
I was lucky enough to see Di this past weekend, where I was given some of these quilts to share amongst some of my local nursing home patients and some others in the district that I felt needed the warmth and love that they were made with :) I thank her whole heartedly for her generosity.

I have in fact today - already shared a quilt with a lovely aged gentleman, who although has dementia, certainly appreciated this gift :)

Congratulations Di Croft, the world would be a better place if there was more generous, loving people like you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Quilt Groups - Nowra - Illawarra

Well the first one of these is easy, as I went there when living at Meroo Meadow near Nowra. I spent a few months in the area before coming upon one by mishap really. After buying and collecting firewood, I was driving home and noticed a little sign by the entry to a series of buildings along the South Nowra section of the Pacific Highway.
I drove down and around the round about and came back towards the building. Now as I said before I had only just been collecting firewood and was wearing shorts, gumboots and a very grubby shirt. I didnt let this worry me until after I walked in. I must have looked a sight but the lady behind the counter smiled acknowledgement and mouthed, wont keep you a moment as she was one the phone.
Not long after, I started back at Patchwork classes - and hand sewing to boot !
The name has changed by the management is the same and there is heaps more classes. Thank you Danni Reynolds at The Quilting Patch. I enjoyed working with you and all the ladies there. Special Thanks to Jo, Barb, Betty and Toni :)

The Quilting Patch
156 Pacific Highway
South Nowra 0244 233 352
Open Monday - Friday and Saturday Mornings
AND fabrics start at $2 for a Fat Quarter

There are a few more Groups/Businesses around the area and I would like to invite other groups in the region to add theirs in the comments section.

Businesses :-

Jukejema Quilting Barn
64 Kinghorne Street
Nowra  0244 212 577 - Kim
Open Monday - Friday and Saturday Mornings
Classes and Fabrics Available
Retreats available also.

The Berry Patchwork Shop
5/66 Albert Street
Berry 0244 643 387  - Elizabeth
Open Monday - Friday
Classes and Fabrics Available
Out of Town Quilting Instructors

The Quilting Mouse
57 Bennett Place
Worrigee  0244 221 231 - Di
(Just out of East Nowra)
Classes Available
Large range of backing fabrics
Quilting Machine Available - Do its Yourself Quilting POA
All Quilts made by The Quilting Mouse are donated to charitable organisations, such as The Womens Refuge :)
Open Monday to Friday & Saturday by appointment

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moda Cakes, Moda Squares, Moda Patesserie, Quilt Fabric, Patchwork

Wow, starting out buying beautiful fabrics can sometimes be challenging !

If you don't know about 'name' brands, or what the name 'squares', 'cakes' or 'patesserie' means in Quilting and Patchwork land well I hope this simple information helps.

Squares can come in packs of 5" squares/cakes that number 17 or even 40 pieces in the pack. The patesserie is usually a triangular shape in various quantities. And there are more terms out there too. I call my squares - stacks. Check our Jelly Rolls under Pin Wheels Guide too.

Moda is one of the most popular fabric packs available.

Jelly Rolls - a Quilting/Patchwork Term for Fabric

They are made up of 24 different fabrics or 2 x 12 colour lots.

Sometimes the rolls can be of bigger widths 3" or 4" and also more fabric strips. Check sales listings for details. The fabric is usually colour co-ordinated but can be varied. Materials usually equates anywhere from 1 metre to 2 metres of fabric. There are many names for the jelly roll depending on where they are made.
I call mine Pinwheels. This was an idea that came up in a discussion with a friend who owns a Fabric business, and who was having a stall at her first Quilt and Craft Show. Something a little different.
A jelly roll is a roll of fabric strips usually comprised of 24 x 2 1/2" widths by the width of the quilt fabric which is usually 112-115cm.

What is a Quilt? The simple guide.

Patchwork is the art of hand or machine stitching strips, circles, blocks and many other shapes together to form a top for a quilt. This stitchery becomes a quilt when three layers come together.

The first layer is the hand or machine sewn piece usually called your completed patchwork

The second layer is wadding which gives a quilt its warmth. In years past this would have been old blankets o rags. We now have bamboo, wool, cotton and polyester waddings available.

The third and last layer is called the backing - many stores have sheeting fabric available in many sizes to compliment the top.

Many Quilt or Patchwork stores can link you to a Quilting machine operator who will stitch all layers together in a quilt machine. You may prefer to hand sew your quilt together using stitches suited to the quilt or stitcher. Some of us use quilt as you go techiques as well.

The very last stage of making a quilt is the binding, usually made from materials used in either the top or backing.
 Don't forget to add a label - either hand or machine stitched. Write a little story of why the quilt was made and who it was for e.g. Sophie and Deans wedding, the year made and a personal touch - your signature or hand stitchery or emblem.

Your Quilt is ready to be enjoyed, by yourself or a special someone. Many quilts are made for Charitable reasons.